The Ten People You’ll Meet at Your Hostel

The Ten People You’ll Meet at Your Hostel

Welcome to A Hostel World, where the bedbugs are plentiful and the stinky socks reside. Come right in, meet your new crew, and try to survive.


If you have ever been to a hostel, you know that you encounter some strange characters within its quarters. Maybe it’s silent European dude that never says a word, or the loud-mouth party girl who wakes you up at 3am. You never know what kind of people you’ll meet at your hostel. It is bound to be an adventure!

Here are the Ten People You’ll Meet at Your Hostel.

The Bohemian Beauty

People you'll meet at your hostel- cartoon of "The Bohemian Beauty"

This girl is “backpacking around the globe” for an entire year and looks like a total babe while doing it. You are not only awestruck by her courage, but the way she looks completely flawless without makeup or hair products. Most likely you will be too afraid to approach her, which is okay, because she is an independent, kick-ass chick anyway. She don’t need no man or no hairbrush.

The Expat

People you'll meet at your hostel- cartoon of "The Expat"

Make no mistake, this guy lives at the hostel. He’s the same dude serving up drinks every night at the bar and hanging out with travelers a decade younger than him. He is easy to spot because he is the only white dude that has dreadlocks naturally. He will probably be your (and everybody else’s) best friend, but good luck trying to find him on Facebook. He prefers to stay “disconnected”.


The Inconsiderate Bro

People you'll meet at your hostel- cartoon of "The Inconsiderate Bro"

When you meet The Inconsiderate Bro, you will know right away, because he will be surrounded by about six other dudes wearing tank tops and holding buckets of alcohol. He’s loud, he’s proud, and he wants everyone to know that he’s here to party. Fortunate for you, you will only see him between the hours of 4pm and 4am (if you can make it that long), because the rest of the time he will be sleeping off his hangover.


The Party Girl

People you'll meet at your hostel- cartoon of "The Party Girl"

The Party Girl likes to hang out with the other Party Girls and Inconsiderate Bros, because above all she is here to get turntttt. Didn’t you know that it is just more fun to get drunk in another country? No judgement to her though, because she looks like a total dime 100% of the time. It’s okay to secretly admit that you want to be like her- popular and flawless- but you can’t seem to keep up. Blame your parents for giving birth to a lightweight.

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The New Best Friend

People you'll meet at your hostel- cartoon of "The New Best Friend"

Of all the people you’ll meet at your hostel, this girl is the first person to actually talk to you. Naturally, she instantly becomes your new BFF. She’s down-to-earth, friendly, and you guys even have a few things in common. She’s who you go to when you need to borrow shampoo or don’t know where to buy batteries. You end up spending most of your trip with her, even though you were supposed to be “ridin’ solo”. After 4 days you add each other on Facebook, tagging each other in a million photos. Back home, you maybe message each other a few times but ultimately drift apart because of the time difference.


The Charmer

People you'll meet at your hostel- cartoon of "The Charmer"

At first glance, this guy looks like the man of your dreams. He’s sexy, nice, and knows how to make you laugh. He calls you sweetie and asks to hold your hand on the beach. If you were back home you know he would be way out of your league, but you go for it anyway. You think you are in love until you see him doing the same thing to another girl at the hostel. And another. And another. Welp, it was fun while it lasted.

The Imposter

People you'll meet at your hostel- cartoon of "The Imposter"

Let’s be real, The Imposter is probably you. You have no idea what you are doing but you will NEVER admit it. You spend a good chunk of time Googling things as you go along and getting completely lost. You constantly question what possessed you to go travel on your own. Are you crazy?! At least you don’t think anyone can tell that you are barely keeping it together. Just go read your guides books in the corner until you figure it out.

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The Coolest Old Guy You’ll Ever Meet

People you'll meet at your hostel- cartoon of "The Coolest Old Dude You'll Ever Meet"

This guy is a grade-A badass. He doesn’t say much but when you get him to talk, you find out how cool he actually is. Whether it’s living out of a van in Scotland, starting his own non-profit in Nepal, or learning to give bamboo tattoos, this guy has done it all. Now he is the owner of the hostel you are staying at and can hang with the best of them.

 The Recluse

People you'll meet at your hostel- cartoon of "The Recluse"

You swear this girl never leaves the dorm. You wonder if she is lonely or the complete opposite. You try to get to know her but it seems like she just wants to do her own thing. Besides reading a book by the pool and Skyping her boyfriend back home, you’re not sure what she does. Eventually you just let her be until she snaps at you to hang up your wet towel in the bathroom. Then you just hate her guts for no good reason.

The Local Who Can Hang

People you'll meet at your hostel- cartoon of "The Local Who Can Hang"

The Local Who Can Hang works at the hostel and lives in the tourist town you are visiting. Instead of going home at the end of the day, he hangs out with the travelers drinking beer and showing off his skills. This may be the only “local” some of these travelers talk to, but it’s enough for them to conclude that the local people are “pretty cool”. You wonder if he actually enjoys hanging out with the party kids or secretly loathes them. Either way, you kind of want to be him.

Maybe you’ll become an expat.



70 thoughts on “The Ten People You’ll Meet at Your Hostel

    1. Haha yeah and there are so many more I could have included! People keep asking me what “type” I think they are. In case you couldn’t tell, I feel like I am “The Imposter”… hence why it looks like me 😉

  1. LOL this is the best thing ever! I love the party girl and the coolest old guy you’ll ever meet! Although, I’ve definitely met all of these types. You seriously NAILED THIS!!

  2. This is so scarily accurate!! Bloody brilliant, I almost cried laughing at some. I’ve met so many of the coolest old guys I’ll ever meet, and they just keep on getting cooler!

  3. =/ I’m definitely the Recluse.

    Introverts travel too guys. No need to get judgmental. Enjoying alone time doesn’t mean we’re anti-social, and if you’re respectful of our space, we’re a thousand times more likely to open up to you another time. Still waters run deep. Be nice to the Recluses.

    1. Nothing wrong with being an introvert! No judgment intended. I am definitely that person once in a while. Everyone travels differently. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

    1. Glad you like the doodles! Hard to avoid some degree of stereotyping in a post like this, but I hope it was clear that I don’t judge anyone from being different than me. And I was sure to include a bit of self-deprecating humor since I know I am not perfect either!

  4. Ha, sounds like some interesting people. I always seem to be surrounded by the inconsiderate people, ugh.

    I’d so be the recluse. I love to read and sometimes I need to zone out from people.

    1. I can be the recluse as well lol I am kind of an introvert. At the same time I know that I have probably annoyed somebody at some point in time, so this post is not intended to shame anyone else 🙂

  5. I almost stayed in a hostel in the next city over last year but wound up not needing it afterall. If I make it there this year, I hope to recall this post as I’m sure it’s pretty accurate even though my particular hostel is in a more urban area.

    1. You got to find out first hand! With a hostel, you have a lot more interaction with other guests than you would at a hotel. You will meet all kinds of characters.

    1. Of course this is just the “top ten” but there are all kinds of people in the world. I enjoy writing with a bit of humor. Thanks for reading!

  6. This was so much fun to read ! I so wanted to go to a hostel when I was a kid (seriously, don’t know why) but reading through the characters now, I’m glad I didn’t 😉

  7. Ha ha so well described. Admire you for observing people in so much detail. 🙂 Love the best friend here, I have come across several of them during my journeys.

  8. This is awesome! I’ve been staying at hostels since I was a teenager and I must say you really captured the people one will see at the hostel. If I were to identify myself there, I think I’m “the new best friend.” I usually help out. Plus, I end of being Facebook friends with the people I meet.

    1. That’s a good one to be! I would like to be more like that. I am probably more of the recluse but that’s mostly because I like doing things on my own.

  9. Haha, what a funny entertaining post! Your cartoons are amazing, do you make them yourself ??? How talented ! Great how you described the characters , loved it.

  10. I think I am bad at staying at hostels because I don’t really meet these people hahaha.. I’m sure these kinds of people are there, but because I always keep to myself and I am not around the hostel all the time (I’m just there for sleeping and taking showers), I don’t get to meet these personalities.

    I am quite bad at socializing to be honest. This post is amusing though. But I refuse to believe I am an impostor because first of all, when I don’t know something, I always ask haha…

    1. Honestly I kind of treat hostels the same way. I’m not a huge socialite either. I just think I tend to run into a lot of interesting people and situations lol But I am usually out and about. I bet a lot of people would say I am The Recluse because I don’t like to party. To each their own 😛

  11. Oh this is fun! I was really entertained by the infographics and the things that you write about each. I’ve never been to any hostel. And i am always curious on the kind of people i can find there. You made this pretty cool in one post. 🙂

  12. Hahaha I find this post funny! You made me laugh inside (because I’m reading this in the office). I guess you’re right that sometimes, when we travel, we become impostors. Because who the hell knows everything just right after he/she lands a foreign city right? Hahaha. Anyway, I so love your doodles!

  13. Hahaha! Enjoyed reading this post 😛 I’ve never stayed in a hostel myself but if I do I’m sure like come across at least a few, if not all of them! Haha.

  14. 54 comments on this post means it has struck a lot of chords. Ok, if I were to ask you to classify yourself, where would you put yourself? Just asking! It was fun reading this chatter from a person who has travelled so many

    1. Haha wow I didn’t even realize this post had so many comments until you mentioned it! I would definitely say I am a bit of The Imposter and The Recluse. I’m not antisocial but I love doing things on my own (because of the freedom). I also always question whether I really know what I’m doing… but maybe that’s just my anxiety talking lol Thanks for commenting!

  15. This is funny! I liked the graphics! I can’t remember sleeping in a hostel. But even then, I sometimes encounter “interesting” folks in my travels. That’s what makes travelling fun and interesting, right?

  16. Cute drawings, and funny too! I’ve never been in a hostel, but thanks for giving me a heads up! Even if I don’t like some of the people you mentioned, I’d certainly want to meet them all. I am pretty sure that’s very interesting.

    1. If you do end up staying in a hostel, you will probably meet these people and many more! Honestly I love meeting interesting people, even if we don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. Thanks for reading!

  17. Lol I enjoyed this post. Please add the I-look-so-good-on-the-dance-floor-but-snore-like-a-chimney-annoying-all-my roommates- person to the list… lol bad hostel experience memories

  18. This is hysterical! We have not stayed at a hostel yet…and maybe there is a reason why. You haven’t listed the throwback to the 70’s travel-family! Hahaha! Oh yeah ,we stay in our own van that is why 🙂 Love, love, love your style. Keep drawing, traveling, writing. You have something really unique here!

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