The Exquisite Beaches of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

The Exquisite Beaches of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

What inspires you to visit the gorgeous country of Costa Rica?

beaches of puerto viejo

Is it the diverse wildlife? The beautiful beaches? The rich culture of people?

Costa Rica has all of these things, which is why this Central American country is such a hot spot for tourists and expats. The appeal of “Pura Vida” pulls you in, until you are immersed in this tropical paradise.

beaches of puerto viejo

If you are planning your trip to Costa Rica, it is likely that you have read about the beauty of Manuel Antonio, the bustle of San Jose, and the majestic volcanoes. Or, maybe, you just want to see some monkeys! No shame in that!

beaches of puerto viejo

While many guides rave about the in-land sights and the west coast of this country, they often overlook the appeal of the eastern Caribbean side. In my travels to Puerto Viejo, I can honestly say that these guides are missing out!

Highly underrated but even more beautiful, the beaches of Puerto Viejo are truly a sight to see!beaches of puerto viejo

The Beaches of Puerto Viejo


Playa Negra

beaches of puerto viejo


Playa Negra (Black Beach) is the small beach closest to the main town of Puerto Viejo. As the name implies, this beach consists of beautiful, black sand. This unique sand gives the illusion of walking on glass or obsidian, something that is truly a sight to see. Surfers from near and far are drawn to this beach for its full, barreled waves.

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Playa Cocles

beaches of puerto viejo


Playa Cocles is a bit south of the center of Puerto Viejo. One can easily rent a bike in town or walk about 30 minutes to this beach. You won’t be lacking for beautiful sights along the way! This is one of the more popular of the beaches, and consists of your usual tourists, beach bums, and surf instructors. Don’t let that deter you too much, though! Playa Cocles in great for swimming and catching some rays on the smooth, warm sand!

Playa Chiquita

beaches of puerto viejo

Playa Chiquita is just south of Playa Cocles, although there is no distinct barrier between the two. Its shore can be a bit more difficult to navigate, with rocky crags and less sandy shore. However, nearby you can find the Jaguar Rescue Center, cozy accommodations, and monkeys, if you are lucky!

Playa Punta Uva

beaches of puerto viejo

Punta Uva is known for its beauty and the special features it has to offer. In this area you can visit the magnificent butterfly sanctuary, the Indigenous tribal communities, and Cahuita National Park. Due to limits on development, the beach has remained clean, peaceful, and pristine. Come to Punta Uva in the off season for an even quieter getaway.

Playa Grande

beaches of puerto viejo


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Playa Grande, as the name suggests, is a long expanse of beach on the southernmost Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This beach is a haven for surfers and eco-friendly travelers. From October to March, access to the beach is limited in the evening and early morning due to the hatching of sea turtles in the sand. Come here for a relaxing break from the usual crowds and noisy nightlife. This area also has a diverse selection of restaurants and accommodation.


Puerto Viejo offers a variety of sights a beaches for any traveler. Whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway, or a lively array of culture, you will find it on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Don’t miss out on this eastern paradise!

beaches of puerto viejo


The Exquisite Beaches of Puerto Viejo Costa Rica


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